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Immigration Stories

Introduction to our Irish servant tour

Enjoy the first video of the series as we visit the Avery-Copp House Museum as we see what life would be like for an Irish immigrant in the early 1900s.

The Kitchen and the Servants

In our 2nd episode, meet the cook Mrs. Sullivan and the maid of all work Annie. Learn about why immigrants like them left Ireland in the early 1900s and what their journey would be like.

Tim the Dog and Laundry Day

The 3rd episode of our Irish servant tour series. Learn about the challenges of working in service in the early 1900s.

The Dining Room and the Spoon Lesson

The 4th episode of our Irish Servant video series. See the family dining room and just how different life was in America compared to life in Ireland

The Parlor and the Ediphone

In the 5th episode of our Irish servant series Mrs. Sullivan gives a tour of the parlor and talks about the latest technology of the early 1900s.

The Sitting Room and the Tea Lesson

In the 6th episode of our Irish Servant video series Mrs. Sullivan in making sure Annie knows all her tea etiquette.

The Bathroom and Indoor Plumbing

In the 7th episode of our Irish servants video series Mrs. Sullivan discusses indoor plumbing, a modern marvel in the early 1900s.

Annie’s Room and a Trip to the Moving Pictures

In the 8th Episode of our Irish servant video series Annie gets a moment to herself to daydream about going to the moving pictures.

Mrs Sullivan’s Room and her Day Off

In our 9th and final episode of our Irish servant video series join Mrs. Sullivan as she gives a tour of her room and talks about her plans for her day off.

Laundry in the Turn of the 20th Century

An educational walkthrough of various steps of doing the laundry that were commonly practiced between the 1800’s to 1900’s.

Things to Make

Making a Queen Anne Doll Project Episode 1, Introduction to 18th Century Dolls

Today we begin our journey on our 18th century doll project. Learn about the history of Queen Anne dolls and join us as we go through the steps of making one, carving her, painting her and sewing her wardrobe.

Pounded Cheese

A Cooking Demonstration. Tavern fare: Pounded Cheese