Photo by Tony Healy, Capture Visual Marketing

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When the Avery-Copp House was first built circa 1800 fireplaces were once the main heat source of each room. By the early 1900s when they were no longer needed for heat they were blocked to prevent heat loss. This fireplace is in the parlor which is the fanciest room of the house and it was blocked to match the rest of the elaborate décor of the room.

Steam radiators

Steam radiators were added to the Avery-Copp house in the early 1900s. A hundred years ago they were considered modern, efficient, and a wonderful place

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Advertising for the New England Valentine Company started by Esther Howland in 1848.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In our archives we’re delighted to have several beautiful cards and love letters that Sarah Smith Avery and Christopher “Kitty” Avery gave each other. Most

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