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Historic sites in our neighborhood.


Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park: This fort was constructed during the years of 1775 to 1777.  It is the site of the only major Revolutionary War battle in Connecticut.  On 6 September 1781, 800 British troops, commanded by Benedict Arnold, killed 88 of the 160 colonists in one of the Revolution's bloodiest battles.  In New London, another 800 troops overcame the fort and burned the city.


Ebenezer Avery House: This is a 1750s, center-chimney, colonial house.  The history behind the house is that the British left many of the wounded defenders at this house, including Ensign Avery himself.  In 1971, this house was relocated from the corner of Thames and Latham Streets.


Bill Memorial Library:        This 1890 Romanesque-style building was funded by Frederic Bill to honor the memory of his two sisters, Eliza and Harriet. In 1907, Mr. Bill enlarged the building to include a natural history museum. In 1994, a granite addition matching the existing building was completed.


Groton Monument: This is the first patriotic monument of its kind in the United States.  Completed in 1830, it pre-dates the Bunker Hill and Washington Monument.


Groton Congregational Church: This is a 1902 English-style stone church.  It is the fourth structure of the First Congregational Church established in 1702, now the First Church of Christ Congregational.  Membership has included many defenders of Fort Griswold and community leaders.

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